It didn’t feel right to have my work exhibited on RCA2020, the online ‘degree show’. Although I was already working on, an online archive of past and present Royal College of Art protests, I felt the need to tell all the dodgy stuff and shady tales from this extraordinary year and throw it all in a book, because if it’s in a book it’s history, no matter what.
So I spent 48 hrs working on this, also letting some personal feelings towards Senior Management spill on the pages (ouch).
Yes, there are a few spelling mistakes and I forgot to include many things, but this is the product of my frustration, my anger and sadness for this amazing cohort who is unfortunaltey ruled by the wrong bunch of people.

Printed and bound at home, London.

17.07.20 // London

On the opening evening of RCA2020,
I’ve received the following email:

Hi Margherita

As part of the ongoing work on the platform it's been flagged to me that your work Dear Paul is a matter of concern and a breach of ethics guidelines.

There are two areas of concern:

1. the use of a Getty image. Do you have a licence to use this image? If not, it is a copyright issue.
2. Use of specific names of people who have no right to reply. In a work focussed on institutional critique of power & accountability the use of names in this way can be deemed as a personal attack.

I have a duty of care to advise that any work you publish you are personally liable for its content and any subsequent implications.

It's not my role to try and censor you or to ask you to remove work, but to advise and make recommendations. In this case I would suggest:

1. If no copyright license is in place for use of the Getty Image, either obtain the license or remove or redact the image.
2. Ensure names are redacted in a way that best suits you and your work. For example, remove specific pages or redact any names within the work. You could then provide a link to the work hosted on a separate site.

Just to reiterate, this is in no way an attempt to censor or remove your work. These are recommendations to help mitigate potential implications for you that may result from the work.

I am happy to support you in making any changes to your page.

Let me know if I can help.