04.12.21/ This site is an endless  WORK IN PROGRESS and is a snapshot of my practice. Expect mess and no hierarchy whatsoever.
Updated as often as I can.


P.S. There is no spell check on here so please forgive me if some words are funny.

Above a picture of me aged 6 dressed like Pippi Longstocking.

Enjoy some proper Italian old school romance x  

This creature is confused but has very good intentions. 


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Currently working on this crappy book with Julia van IJken. It probably won’t look like this though as it will be too pricey to use cloth for the binding. Expect some shitty stories.
Posters about energy (as in the one that connects us all)

((ABOVE)) Digital automatic drawing + writing.

Death under the rainbow. It’s sunny outside but you can’t move.

A fun website I designed for Dal Chodha, a fashion writer, editor, teacher. 

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Screenshots BELOW:

(Below) An illustration of the band Porchlight for SoYoung Magazine, in three different versions. Couldn’t make up my mind and still can’t. ++++++++ BELOW: just a flower.
Graphics for Money Loves Money, an exhibition of artist Dan Halter at Osart Gallery — Milan

Options they didn’t like:...
This DOWN HERE is a blind pastel monoprint.You don’t see the results until you turn over the paper.

And a  digital automatic drawing:

︎︎︎Recently had a bizarre experience of designing logo, posters, brochures and banners that have been used on the set of Up On The Roof, a  British movie. Posters below and logo for a fake charity (below).
? ! ? ! ? 

People judge very quickly hey?


/      {}      & O        ffffffffffff     MEOW    ....zz..... //// **

/////////// below:
Not much to say here either  actually, I just really liked this photograph I found in an archive and not sure why I wrote ‘the’ on it.
I was on holidays in Sicily and I was feeling like this (below).

Open eyes, Open Heart is a book I wrote and designed with techniques to free designers from the oppression of nonsensical rules and trends. Published by Sold Out, 2021. 
ABOVE: A website I designed and curated for Archivist Addendum, a non-seasonal and multi-format  publishing project that occupies the nascent space between standardised fashion editorial and arcane academe.
Ahhhhhh the Sound Seminar! I don’t even have words to describe it, it’s way too magical to be ruined by language. I’ll just tell you it’s hosted by the legendary Jon Wozencroft, and I had the pleasure to kinda design the graphics for one event.
//Above// Some posters and a set of stickers I worked on during my taste-questioning journey, trying to shake up my own judgement.
A printed (obvious) thought. 


A proposal for Belle Scar, musician and artist. She didn’t like it though.

A trippy illustration made for CHK Design.

Strange flowers gloom over my heart.


Sopra al cuore dentro alle pellicine / Above the heart and inside the cuticles. /// Mi piacciono molto gli avverbi di luogo / I really like adverbs of place.

No thing to say here really.

Brexit feelings.

<3    <3
Here my nonna because I miss her so much and she was my n.1 fan, followed by a holiday photograph of me, nonna and nonno. 

About me:

In 2020 I graduated from an MA at the Royal College of Art in Visual Communication (Pathway: Graphic Design). I complained a lot about my last year there though in this little book that I “exhibited” on the online degree show.
They tried to shut me down but if it’s in a book it’s history, and if it’s in Times New Roman it’s very much real.

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Together with it, I also founded (and now abandoned to its misery) SUPER REFLECTIVE with Andrea Popyordanova, an online archive of past & present RCA protests. 
Or see screenshot below: 

& Below our MANIFESTO:
And some visuals I did for the online site:
Botte, sangue e violenza alè alè!

Goodbye standards, I draw from the soul. A dive into the unconscious. //// Oh so sunny here, and yet is night and all is dark.
Posters I did for the set of  Vandullz, a mini TV series aired on BBC One Wales.
For the same series / Poster for the memorial of a dead Welsh old man / The crew and actors loved it so much that apparently it became iconic and they all took pictures with it LOL

Me and the amazing Claire Mouton are doing the graphics for Young@Heart, a chorus of fierce elderly people in Massachusetts USA. 
Below a couple of digital posters for their two latest events. We’ll also be designing their new identity for soon.
= : = : = : = : =  : = : = : = : = : : = : = : = : = :
               Never mind, the usual rubbish.

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Coming soon:  BUONGIORNO.
A collaboration with Barbara Nassisi collecting ‘Buongiorno’ images sent  by Italian ladies on Whattsapp. It appears to be a social movement. If you know someone who is involved please get in touch.
I Am One: Journey of A Liberated Soul is a video I’ve made in 2019 that you can watch on YouTube HERE only if you are over 18, because there is the amazing Natasha Sturgis dancing in an orange bodysuit and YouTube thinks she’s naked. I’ve tried to argue with the algorithm but it just wouldn’t listen.

Posters for the second edition (the first was cancelled due to Covid) for an exhibition of artists concerned with a ‘new’ spiritual. Previous ones, printed with Risograph:

& not chosen proposals:
/?Visual identity and assets or Elisabetta Cavalieri Ducati, an amazing raku ceramic artist from Milan.
I’ve also designed her website. Check it out  HERE

A poster made during the first lockdown in April 2020, with a quote of the great Carlo Rovelli that seemed very appropriate at the time.
Inside feelings.
An illustration for the short movie ‘I AM’. Produced by Candid Broad Productions.

(a b o v e) 
I scroll, I scroll, I scroll, I swipe, I swipe, I swipe. It’s so boring in the sun, this is much more fun.
/ Kids on Instagram.


A cheesy skin poem I wrote a couple of years ago and pasted on my friend’s neck. She has always been my neck model because I think her neck is very special and I hope you can see that too.

Again some avverbi di luogo (adverbs of place): qui, qua, dentro fuori, sopra, sotto, lí, là, lontanto, vicino, dovunque, laggiù. 
// I mean these are the nicest words ever and  also isn’t it much nicer when we’re there rather than here, and we let outside what’s inside but also bring the outside inside and we’re far but not further and basically when everything is everywhere?
We are what we see, we see what we are.
In 2017/18 I’ve worked full time, and then part-time untill March 2021, for CHK DESIGN, the very small London graphic design studio of Christian Küsters.
There I’ve learnt many things, mainly how shallow, pointless, snobbish, arrogant and mean design and people can be.
Above a selection of some of the “wildest” designs I’ve made for CHK, 95% of which weren’t accepted nor appreciated to say the least.
I was recently invited to speak about my work at Greenwich University and Christian Küsters, who also teaches there, told me I was being invited only beacuse I ‘tick a box’ since my work is inexplicably ‘trendy’ and not because they value my work or think I’m good in any kind of way. Cheers Christian! x
And this is a book collecting experiments and thoughts (WIP). 


This ladybird is really upset with a limo polluting her hill. Understandable to be honest. 

 ( --- ) ( --- ) 

A recorded conversation between me and the online Tate Archive website. Done while at RCA in collab with Tate and probably quite pointless.

Just cats.

Lockdown feelings.

Digital crap creeping everywhere these days.

An Eminem’s quote / deep shit / There is so much I could say about the emotions involved in this sentence and crappy poster that I feel I could write a novel.
A couple of illustrated posters about looking.

/// A sweet but mad creature.

A poem in red, on green.
A fictional band called The Syphilis. I did this a couple of years ago and honestly I don’t know what I was thinking.

Being different just for the sake of being different, is it not just a purely egoistic and possibly arrogant compulsion? The product of frustration, a want for visibility...
Surely it’s kind of an empty starting point. Could be just repressed anger. At the same time forces pushing and grinding ‘against’ are as essential as water. It’s also fucking brave, depending on the times though. Now it’s cool to be different, ugliness is interesting (finally!) - but then what’s ugly now? Is it what we thought beautiful before? I’m not sure it’s that black and white. And what’s different from the different anyways? Doesn’t it end up being an empty, never ending fight that’s impossible to win?
...When it’s purely spontaneous, when it comes from the soul, from eyes that are closed, and doesn’t matter what form and shape it takes. When it made its way from so deep within or so far out that it’s almost alien, but not really because you feel cosy looking at it, with a special kind of umbelical tingle.

Please Feel Free To Contact Me At:
(No Need To Be Serious)

Here my Insta account if you’d like to see some of the crap I make (like my father once called it)

It’s a gradient, and like glitter. A vibration. Dzzzz. Shhhh. It moves upwards up up up, never rests never quivers, even if it’s slippery. I blink, is there, I blink, is gone, but the ceiling echos of it. Ssss. You need to focus.

I did my BA in Graphic Communication Design (Pathway: Illustration) at Central Saint Martins, UAL.
Below FROM AFRICA TO COMO LAKE, my favourite project from back then. It reports the conversations I’ve had with African migrants and refugees at Abbazia dell’Acquafredda, a shelter on Como Lake, Italy.  

My name in Italian means daisy and is not a pizza nor a bloody drink. 
Apologies for the tone but 

A very old project from my 2nd year of BA. The story of a girl who suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

2 spreads from a book where I collaged social media posts of 8,9,10 yrs olds + things they said when interviewd about their social media usage. Very creepy stuff.

Digital creeps.

I really like dolphins, especially when they jump.


An abstract print part of my One page, One Minute book which is too big to even try to photograph so I never had the energy.
Basically I sat in front of the computer for 1.30h 

(((((( {BIDET} ))))))

In every Italian bathroom you can find this thing called ’bidet’. It’s very useful and igenic and I’ve been trying to promote in the UK for many years. Above in the bathroom of my mum’s friend, where you can see some classic 80s Italian brown tiles, very typical in bathrooms of those days, and one of the most common delicate bidet soaps, chamomile scented.
You should also wonder, is that why they say Italians are good lovers, because they keep their junk clean?
Is this also the secret to their amazing food? It could all be down to the bidet.

If you also feel passionate about bides and think they should be found in other countries, contact me and let’s discuss a bidet progaganda project together.

In the meantime, some fun facts about bidets from Wikipedia:

Bidet is a French word for "pony", and in Old French, bider meant "to trot". This etymology comes from the notion that one "rides" or straddles a bidet much like a pony is ridden. The word "bidet" was used in 15th century France to refer to the pet ponies that French royalty kept.[24]

Eighteenth-century bidet in use.

(((((( {ALBICOCCA} ))))))

Albicocca is apricot in Italian.
It was always one of my favourite words, I think it sounds super friendly.
I almost had an apricot tree once.
Apricots are one of my favourite fruits, they also look adorable and taste so good in the summer, so sweet but slightly sour at the same time.
It’s also a profound orange experience to open them up.
Honestly it saddens me a bit that now because of the emoji they have become associated with asses. Or maybe they always were.